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24 Servings Per Box
Not your immitation crab from the grocery store, but fresh blue crab along with only the finest ingredients make this crabcake to die for. Great as an appetizer or entree
King Crab Legs
14 Servings Per Box
Fully cooked enormous legs including the nuckle. Just heat and serve. The biggest crab from Alaska and the meat just pulls right out of the shell.
Lobster Tails in Shell 16/20oz
4 Servings Per Box
Giant Australian lobster tails. 16 to 20 oz. each, almost as big as your foot!
Lobster Tails in Shell Split 7/8oz
10 Servings Per Box
Australian lobster tails. 7/8 oz each already split for your convenience!
20 Servings Per Box
Shrimp Cooked 13/15
12 Servings Per Box
Shrimp Cooked 16/20
20 Servings Per Box
Fully Cooked cleaned and deveined shrimp from the warm gulf of Mexico. With the tail on for dipping great for coctail or in your salad.
Shrimp Cooked 8-12
12 Servings Per Box
Shrimp Scampi
20 Servings Per Box
Peeled and deveined shrimp, coated with butter and garlic. After baking for only 2 minutes each side this coating will become the sauce and your shrimp scampi is ready to be served.
Shrimp Un-cooked 8-12
20 Servings Per Box
Shrimp Un-cooked U-15
20 Servings Per Box
Our largest peeled and deveined un-cooked shrimp U-15 from the warm gulf of Mexico.


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