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25 Servings Per Box
Fully cooked clams. Just heat and serve.
24 Servings Per Box
Not your immitation crab from the grocery store, but fresh blue crab along with only the finest ingredients make this crabcake to die for. Great as an appetizer or entree
King Crab Legs
14 Servings Per Box
Fully cooked enormous legs including the nuckle. Just heat and serve. The biggest crab from Alaska and the meat just pulls right out of the shell.
Lobster Tails Butterflied
10 Servings Per Box
Australian rock lobster tails, taken out of the shell with butter and garlic seasoning. Just bake, broil or grill.
Lobster Tails in Shell 16/20oz
4 Servings Per Box
Giant Australian lobster tails. 16 to 20 oz. each, almost as big as your foot!
Lobster Tails in Shell Split 7/8oz
10 Servings Per Box
Australian lobster tails. 7/8 oz each already split for your convenience!
20 Servings Per Box
Scallops Bacon Wrapped
24 Servings Per Box
What's in your food matters. That's just one of the reasons why you'll love our Bacon-Wrapped Scallops. Just two delicious ingredients - sweet, meaty, preservative-free scallops brimming with flavor wrapped in smoky, cooked-to-perfection bacon - is all you'll find in these irresistible gourmet classics. But even with just two ingredients, you and your guests will be amazed at how much the taste and texture mingle to provide an unforgettable eating experience with every bite. As part of an appetizer spread or alongside your favorite cut of steak as a meaty take on surf and turf, these oven-ready morsels can be perfectly prepared straight from your freezer in just a mere 15 minutes. Serve these at your next event and get ready to fall in love with this delicious dynamic duo!
Shrimp Bacon Wrapped
24 Servings Per Box
For the ultimate finger food, reach for the triple-threat flavors of Bacon-Wrapped Pepper Jack Shrimp. In your fingers, you and your guests will hold three of everyone's favorite foods - sweet, meaty, preservative-free shrimp provided by World Port Seafood and the delicious kick of creamy pepper jack cheese wrapped in perfectly smoked bacon - pre-skewered for a single, explosively flavorful bite. The very definition of convenience, these gourmet treats go from frozen to feastable after just 15 minutes in your oven. Light enough to serve as part of your appetizer spread or enjoy on your own as a light main course, after one bite we know you'll agree - one just isn't enough!
Shrimp Cooked 13/15
12 Servings Per Box
Shrimp Cooked 16/20
20 Servings Per Box
Fully Cooked cleaned and deveined shrimp from the warm gulf of Mexico. With the tail on for dipping great for coctail or in your salad.
Shrimp Kabobs Raw 31/40
24 Servings Per Box
5 peeled and deveined large raw shrimp per kabob, perfect for your next BBQ, to be used as appetizers or entree.
Shrimp Un-cooked U-10
20 Servings Per Box
Shrimp Un-cooked U-15
20 Servings Per Box
Our largest peeled and deveined un-cooked shrimp U-15 from the warm gulf of Mexico.


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